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Pink Chickens is a strange and exciting comic for humans of all ages. It was originally serialised in monthly kids' magazine Mania, from 2001-2002. It ran for fourteen episodes, and was the subject of much reader art and fan mail, but then a parent complained and spoiled everything for everyone. Pink Chickens remains unfinished to this day.


Pink Chickens was replaced by an excellent comic called Tobias & Jube, by Patrick's good friend Dot McSodden.

In 2005 and 2006, some episodes of Pink Chickens were rerun in Krash, another kids' magazine. Then Krash went bust owing Patrick about $2000! Oh boy!

Now, the entirety of Pink Chickens can be read for free, right here on this very internet.


I'm afraid that a few episodes of Pink Chickens featured ridiculously tiny text, which was as painful for people to read as it was for me to letter. Presenting the pages in question as low-quality JPEGs on a computer screen only exacerbates the problem. Unfortunately, there is no practical solution, as the file sizes are already quite large for an online comic.

My sincere apologies.

Patrick, what's the current status of Pink Chickens?

From the instant Pink Chickens was dropped from Mania, I have been determined to somehow finish the comic one day, no matter what. A few metres away from where I'm sitting right now, there is a completed draft for episode fifteen that I have been eager to turn into a finished product for years.

However, re-reading Pink Chickens these past couple of days, as I've been putting this website together, it has become clear to me that I am a different person and a different artist now, than I was when I was forced to put the comic on indefinite hold in 2002. As much as I'm still proud of Pink Chickens, I may not be capable of finishing it (or willing to finish it) in its current form.

On the other hand, Dolly, Mustard, and even Basil are like children to me, and I don't want to abandon them. I had big plans! Maybe those plans will have to change, but I don't intend for Pink Chickens to disappear.

Given the opportunity, I'd like to start Pink Chickens from scratch. It's full of powerful ideas and meaningful characters -- really! -- and I think I could do them more justice now. Pink Chickens was heading in new directions anyway -- it just got cut short before I could show you.

In short, current status = WHO KNOWS!


Here's Patrick's email: panic@chickennation.com

Go on and email him! He would like to know what you think about the future of Pink Chickens.

(c) 2006 Patrick Alexander